Yes 3-D printed signage solutions have arrived…

What are the benefits?
3-D printed signage allows you to print a multi-color color logo directly onto your substrate and offers multi-surface color matching

3-D Printed ADA (3DP) signage allows for volume discount pricing. Unlike other ADA sign production methods, this process is automated, which means a more consistent product, faster turn around, and more design options.


3DP (3D-Printing) is faster than traditional ADA sign fabrication methods. It allows for less human error. No slanted text or misshapen copy. A more uniform product is guaranteed. More color patterns are available. Allows for a staggering amount more volume and economies of scale because labor cost is significantly reduced.

Copy and graphics
Copy and graphics may no be printed onto most any substrate using one-pass inline printing. This allows for tactile images and copy that is attractive to the eye and durable to the touch.

No Human Error
A ‘printed’ copy means no human error, as compared to the ‘cut & paste’ method inherent to ‘raster and applied’ ADA signage that is prone to slanted and loose copy. 3DP, however, is precise because it is printed not hand glued.

Full Color Spectrum
3DP also allows for the full spectrum of colors and endless color combinations; whereas photo-polymer is limited to just one or two color options, and for more than that fabrication time will increase dramatically. Not so with 3-D Printed Signage.

Cost Effective
3DP options are substantially cheaper than zinc, metallic, and etched fabrication methods and also takes less time. On top of that metallic coloring and designed etch options are available, which gives the appearance of etching and metal-based copy in a fraction of the time.

If you’d like to know more we’ll send you a 3DP Fact Sheet today.