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Cole Haan opens at Westfield World Trade Center
[Fab & Install By American Signcrafters]

Published in: design:retail. August 18, 2016.

Excerpt, “Greenland, N.H.-based lifestyle and footwear brand Cole Haan has announced the opening of its latest international flagship at the Westfield World Trade Center in New York. The opening marks the first location in the Northeast to feature the store’s new residential-style layout, and the second in North America following the launch of the store in Dallas NorthPark.

The design features abundant natural light throughout, illuminating the neutral palette of black, white, and gray finishes as well as touches of navy, brass, and hot-rolled steel. The modern aesthetic—featuring herringbone floors and paneling—is amplified with a large-scale marble mosaic pattern in the front foyer. Each of the store’s rooms are clad with custom lighting, millwork and fixtures.

The Cole Haan brand operates 70 locations.”

Source: design:retail


Stephen Glassman scuplts sinuous steel riverscape at BIG’s via 57 west in ny [Installed by American Signcrafters]

Published in: DesignBoom. August 2016.

Excerpt, “At the main entrance of Bjarke Ingels‘ via 57 west — the tetrahedral residential and mixed-use site that marks BIG’s first project in the americas — an eight-story artistic installation evokes the movement of the adjacent Hudson River. Stephen Glassman studio has unveiled ‘flows two ways’, a sixty-by-sixty foot aluminum, stainless steel, and rolled metal artwork that welcomes residents, visitors, and passerby to the complex.

Commissioned by The Durst Organization, Glassman’s site-specific work is named after a loose translation of the Hudson River’s native american name: muh-he-kun- ne-tuk — ‘the river that flows both ways’. The installation serves as a symbol of two forces that are separate yet deeply interwoven — the river and the city. Sited on the western wall of helena 57 west, facing and signifying the VIA entrance, the 3,600 square foot work draws viewers’ eyes toward the sky, across the topography of the buildings, and to the open space of the hudson river.”

Source: Design Boom


Bjarke Ingel’s Tetrahedron Gets A Massive Sculpture Inspired by the Hudson. [Installed by American Signcrafters]

Published in: CURBED New York. July 20, 2016

Excerpts, “The sixty-by-sixty-foot sculpture is made out of aluminum, stainless steel, and rolled metal tubing, which is supposed to resemble the river’s movement. Moreover, the way you see the sculpture transforms during the course of the day and is supposed to resemble the Hudson’s glow during sunset. The massive sculpture weights 32,000 pounds.

“Stephen has made a career transforming the built environment, and Flows Two Ways will offer Far West Side residents and visitors a figurative east-facing river vista.” Jonathan Durst, the president of the Durst Organization, said in a statement.

Durst’s 57 West complex comprises of Ingels’ Via, FXFOWLE’s Helena, which was completed in 2005, and the yet to be complete, Studio V Architecture designed rental, Frank. Glassman’s sculpture is located on the west wall of Helena, which in turn leads to the entrance of Via.”



Eight-Story Sculpture Revealed at Via 57 West; Inside the Washington Square Arch [Installed by American Signcrafters]

By: Dana Schulz. Published in 6sqft, July 2016

The entrance to Bjarke Ingels’ Via 57 West tetrahedron will feature an eight-story, site-specific sculpture by Stephen Glassman Studio. “Flows Two Ways” represents the coming together of the city and the Hudson River [6sqft inbox]

Source: 6sqft


Lisa Johnson discusses the “Click and Mortar” boom.

Trendspotting: Click & Mortar’ Rush Precipitates New Environment, Solutions

By: Lisa Johnson. Published in Chain Store Age, March 2016

As discussed last week custom facades as advertisements have migrated from the domain of premiere retail flagships to many, varied uses across the commercial and retail spectrum.

This trend was earlier spotted by Gensler On: Lifestyle as part of its “Top Ten Retail Trends in 2013.”

As a national sign manufacturing and project management company on the fabrication and installation end of ‘the façade as advertisement’ trend we can confirm its arrival en mass.

Which brings us to another trend years in the making. One with far reaching consequences for the retail environment, and one poised for a breakthrough in 2016: Click & Mortar retail.

For the uninitiated, Click & Mortar is a type of business model that includes both online and offline operations, which typically include a website and a physical store. A Click & Mortar company can offer customers the benefits of fast online transactions or traditional face-to-face service. In 2016 the migration pace of e-commerce platforms to “IRL” locations will quicken.

Anecdotally we are seeing this first hand; having already assisted one top five online retailer with the challenges of entering the physical retail world.  The point though is simply that in 2016 “Click & Mortar” will cease being a trend. It is the new normal.

Source: Chain Store Age


Customs facades fabricated and installed by American Signcrafters

Trendspotting: Custom Facades and Architectural Metalwork as Signs

By: Lisa Johnson. Published in Chain Store Age, February 2016

To further differentiate commercial space the trend among architects, restaurateurs, retailers, and developers has been towards sign packages that seamlessly marry the building facade and family of signs.

“We are seeing a rush in all sectors towards increased curbside differentiation,” said Lisa Johnson, VP, American and Interstate Signcrafters. “What we are seeing more and more of are not just updates to existing signs, but updates to the whole fascia. The result has been one part sign, one part custom facade and some very unique projects.”

Johnson continued, “We are being called into projects that stretch the label ‘signage’ altogether. I’m getting calls for architectural elements, metalwork and custom fabrications that serve as signs first, but also essentially redefine the building exterior and help my clients stand out from their neighbors.

Source: Chain Store Age


Jeff Petersen, founder and owner, American and Interstate Signcrafters

The Brewer, The Baker, The Business Sign Maker (Who Went National)

Excerpts from The Long Island Pulse – February 22, 2016

The ingredients for success are simple, according to three Long Island entrepreneurs who started local businesses that grew into national companies: passion, perseverance and luck. But for these three, raw talent, community support and starting out young were also key components of the recipe. These auspicious business people shared their experiences and provided an in-depth look into their triumphs, tribulations and decisions to expand nationwide.

“Petersen started humbly with an apprenticeship with Local 137, a sign hangers union in New York City, and worked on signs for buildings in Times Square. To further ply his trade, he moved to Hawaii for a short time in his early 20s and spent his days trolling Waikiki Beach collecting broken neon to sell for repair.”

Download the complete article here.

Source: Long Island Pulse


The Switch is On – Islip Sign Firm begins RadioShack-to-Sprint Store Conversions

Excerpts from the Long Island Business News – November 09, 2015

Islip-based American Signcrafters will start the re-branding of RadioShack locations this week, adding the Sprint name to 307 stores from Virginia to Maine.

American Signcrafters is one of four firms nationwide that have been contracted to provide new signage and brand conversion support for 1,435 RadioShack stores to reflect their change to Sprint as lead merchant.

Most people don’t realize when deals of this size are reached somewhere down the line thousands of signs, at hundreds of locations, are likely to change,” said Jonathan Bell, a vice president at American Signcrafters. “That’s where we come in.”

While the re-branding process isn’t new, the RadioShack store conversions are unique because they involve co-branding. The stores will bear signage that reads “Sprint RadioShack” rather than one name or the other. But like other sign-changing projects, there are a lot of moving parts, including securing landlord approvals, municipal permits, custom fitting and quality control for each sign made.

Source: Long Island Business News


Jeff Petersen Jr. at the Novotel in New York City (Danny Ghitis, NYT)

Jeff Petersen Jr. at the Novotel in New York City (Danny Ghitis, NYT)

Jeff Petersen Jr.: Rising to the Occasion

Excerpts from the New York Times – October 3, 2015

American Signcrafters’ Jeff Petersen Jr. was interviewed by the New York Times for the Sunday Business Section “Vocations.” Vocations asks people about their jobs. What follows are excerpts from that interview as it appeared in print October 4, 2015.

“When did you make a formal commitment?

I started an apprenticeship with Local 137 of the union, the Sheet Metal Workers International Association, at 18. My father paid the fees as his birthday present to me.

Do you have a favorite project or two?

One would be the Comcast NBC signs we recently erected atop 30 Rockefeller Plaza, because they’re the highest building signs in New York City. Recently we removed about 30 banners on the Nassau Coliseum in Long Island, which is closing. People started congregating and taking photos of the ones that said “Home of the Islanders.”

Do you always work eight-hour shifts?

Often you can’t, because you have to finish [the job]. You can’t put up the word “Wells” and not “Fargo” — no one’s going to be happy with that.”

Source: The New York Times


Interstate Signcrafters Lisa Johnson765px

Lisa Johnson interviewed by South Florida Business Journal

Interstate Signcrafters has a hand in some of the region’s largest projects

Excerpts from the SOUTH FLORIDA BUSINESS JOURNAL – September 18, 2015

Islip-based American Signcrafters has built and installed some of the highest-profile signs in the New York City skyline, including those atop the newly renamed Comcast Building at 30 Rockefeller Center and the Hotel Novotel in Times Square, while remaining almost invisible to the public.

In New York City, American Signcrafters has created signs that light up its iconic skyline. The company’s South Florida headquarters – its largest by employees – is working on the signs that will demarcate some of the most important developments in the region.

Lisa Johnson, Vice President of Boynton Beach-based Interstate Signcrafters, said the company is working with Swire Properties on the $1.05 billion Brickell City Centre project. Its contract to create signage for the office buildings, hotel and parking garage is worth about $2 million, Johnson said….

Source: South Florida Business Journal


American Signcrafters on Fox Business News

Sign Company Adds Style to Major New York City Landmarks

Published: Fox Business News. August 03, 2015

In this Salute to American Success, we’re taking a look at American Signcrafters, a company that creates and installs signs for all types of businesses, and founder and CEO Jeff Petersen. In his late teens, he began his work in the sign industry with Kal Signs, a Long Island-based company owned by comedian Jerry Seinfeld’s father. There, Petersen installed and manufactured tiny components. After graduating high school, he went to a large sign company, which led to an apprenticeship with a sheet metal union.

“To date, one of the company’s biggest projects was its work on the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York. American Signcrafters built and installed 3,000 signs, including the large brand sign on the building, according to Petersen. Other projects include marquees for Jimmy Fallon’s “The Tonight Show,” The Novotel Hotel in New York City and the recently-re-branded 30 Rockefeller Plaza…

Source: Fox Business News


Jeff Petersen speaks to NY Daily News

Neon CNN sign removed from Columbus Circle perch after 10 year

Published: New York Daily News. July 2015

The giant neon CNN sign that for 10 years broadcast the time and temperature to the masses from the top of a skyscraper at Columbus Circle has been replaced by a new state-of-the-art digital billboard touting landlord SL Green.

The rebranding is just the latest for the building, formerly known as 1775 Broadway but since renamed 3 Columbus Circle. It was previously known as the General Motors building until 1968, when General Motors moved to its iconic Fifth Ave. headquarters, and then later as the Newsweek Building.

CNN has controlled the sign for 10 years but its lease recently expired and wasn’t renewed, according to Crain’s New York Business, which first reported the sign’s removal.

The building’s landlord, SL Green, has now replaced the stationary billboard with a new cutting-edge LED screen, which could flash between rotating advertisements subject to zoning restrictions.

“The potential profitability of these boards is tremendous,” said Jeff Petersen, CEO and founder of American Signcrafters. “A billboard in Times Square can actually bring in $23 million a year, for instance….

Source: New York Daily News


American Signcrafters CEO Jeff Petersen

Newsday interviews Jeff Petersen, American Signcrafters CEO

Sign company grows in high-profile, high-risk industry

Excerpts from NEWSDAY. July 10, 2015

Islip-based American Signcrafters has built and installed some of the highest-profile signs in the New York City skyline, including those atop the newly renamed Comcast Building at 30 Rockefeller Center and the Hotel Novotel in Times Square, while remaining almost invisible to the public.

The sign designer, builder, installer and servicer works with clients nationally in the banking, entertainment, shopping center, retail and restaurant industries. It is involved from the initial concept and fabrication to the installation of signs.

Projects can range from a single, customized sign to a national rollout installing hundreds of signs. The 36-year-old company, which does its manufacturing on Long Island, in New Jersey and in Florida, is on path to gross $30 million in revenue this year, up from $25 million last year…

Source: Newsday