Standard sign types and custom solutions.

American Signcrafters believes an educated consumer is a better consumer, so we take the time to explain common sign solutions and how each works for you.

Below please find examples of signs we have designed, fabricated, or installed for the nation’s leading organizations, as well a brief overview of sign types.


bccADA Signs

ADA signs are any sign that identifies a permanent room, directs or informs about functional spaces, or identifies, directs to, or informs about accessible features of a facility must comply with ADA Accessibility Guidelines. We are experts in managing required ADA signage and making each an extension of your brand experience.


We offer an immersive ATM experience that marries the consumer to your retail banking brand. We are offer a full suite of ATM solutions, including: surrounds, walls, enclosures, toppers, sign boxes, canopies, kiosks and drive-thru products.

Florida Sign CompanyBlade Signs

A blade sign and bracket rests perpendicular to the flow of traffic and draws consumers into its corresponding retail location. Blade signs often perform as a complement to traditional wayfinding and pay dividends in high foot traffic environments. A blade signs is one of the most cost effective ways of drawing foot traffic.

Florida Sign CompanyCabinet

A type of wall sign with particular advantages allowing one presentation in the day and another at night. Often cabinet signs present a background that is illuminated and draws attention to its translucent or opaque copy. Additional advantages include a clean, flush appearance from a distance.

Florida Sign CompanyChannel (Illuminated Letters)

Channel letters come in two basic types (standard or reverse), but have many subtle variations that may significantly alter your brand image: raceway or direct mounting versus illuminated or non-illuminated. A distinct look and feel is created depending upon the combinations you choose. We’ll be glad to walk you through the options.

NYC Sign CompaniesCorporate Identity

Corporate identity signage presents your brand standards, and communicates your organizational values. We offer custom corporate identity signs that generate positive community attention and add value to your real estate. Our design-assist team is standing by to help you define your brand.

pisco_y_nazca.2Custom Facade

Signs manipulate the use of space to your benefit, why stop there? We have helped some of New York and Miami’s best known restaurants transform every facet of their building structures with custom fabrications that meet their brand objectives.

mallDirectory (Kiosks)

Directory signage serves a dual purpose. It acts as a revenue generator, and helps property managers maximize their leasable square footage. It is especially important to shopping centers and multi-tenant property owners. No matter how you draw it up a well-performing directory sign means revenue.

Photo Jan 21, 12 40 38 PMElectronic Messaging Centers (EMCs)

We work with the nation’s best known EMC providers to insure a seamless installation-to-activation experience. We manufacture, fabricate , install and assist clients with content solutions to maximize the return on investment you look for in a state-of-the-art Electronic Messaging Center.

arsht outsideExterior Sign (Packages)

We provide ‘exterior signs’ a distinct category to underscore its importance. What we mean is virtually any type of sign outside your building that improves visitor and employee experience; this is most often a mix of several sign solutions. A site audit will help determine what’s best for your location.

photoHigh Rise

We are responsible for the highest high-rise sign east of the Mississippi, and the highest overall high-rise in North America over the last ten years. We are adept at managing the many challenges that accompany high rise installation (permitting, public safety,  etc.) and specialize in high rise sign fabrication.

Florida Sign CompanyInterior Signs

Interior signs work together to direct consumers what to do and where to go. Like exterior signage, interior signage may consist of several sign types, but should certainly include more than a traditional mix of ADA and wayfinding signs. A site audit will determine what solutions incorporate structural elements and enhance your built environment.

shake shackMonument Signs

Monument signs are mounted low to the ground and are often used with high foot traffic or unimpeded motor-vehicle traffic site lines, or to stand out from a crowd of one-story buildings. Without favorable sight lines, a pylon sign may be a better fit. We’ll help you find the solution that best fits your objective.

DSC03701Pylon Signs

A pylon sign’s defining characteristic is its high elevation sight line which allows property and store identification at a great distance. For multi-tenant landlord and property owners or managers the pylon sign serves the critical function of communicating a shopping center’s tenants to potential consumers.

Sign Design CompanyWayfinding Signs

Wayfinding is an important component of any sign program: it creates a custom identity for your built-space, provides a navigable path of travel, and helps manage consumer decision points. A well-executed wayfinding program makes the consumer experience more enjoyable and efficient.

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