Wells Fargo

“American Signcrafters has been a valued member of the Wells Fargo rebranding program for over four years…I highly recommend American Signcrafters as a very capable and qualified rebranding service provider.” – Sr. Vice President, Wells Fargo

Forest City Ratner

“We were fortunate to have American Signcrafters on the Barclays Center…They demonstrated creativity and an ability to address our goals and provide multiple alternative design solutions within our construction budget. We are confident that American Signcrafters would be a valuable asset to any construction team, and we would highly recommend them.” – Barclays Center Project Executive, Forest City Ratner.

Bank United

“I have been working with American Signcrafters for the past 10 years during assignments at North Fork Bank, Capital One and most recently Bank United. Over the years, American Signcrafters has partnered with our real estate, marketing and facilities teams on the planning, design and execution of several major corporate identity projects impacting well over 1500 retail and office facilities in eight states.” – Sr. Executive Vice President, Bank United.

Hudson Group

“Hudson has utilized American Signcrafters for some time now and we are most impressed with the level of service we receive on a consistent basis. The quality of their products along with their installations and their competitive pricing makes American a great choice for our company.” – Director, Facilities & Store Development, Hudson Group