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Flows Two Ways case study narrated by American & Interstate Signcrafters Project Executive Thomas Garatina,

“Flows Two Ways was the name of the art piece itself. It was designed by Stephen Glassman studios. It was very intricate, about 36 different pieces that had to go together in very tight columns.  I don’t know that we’ve done too many pure art installations. A lot of times the signage becomes art but to do it as a strictly art piece…was a step beyond in how much detail there was in making sure it was all put together.

We first laid out the wall. Once that was done the wall was waterproofed. Then we went back in and installed the stainless steel grid system that had to go in just perfectly. Once we did that we used McLaren to survey our points with lasers… to make sure that all their pieces fit exactly right to where they were on the building. It went seamlessly from beginning to end.

You are talking about somewhere in the neighbor hood of 16,000 feet of tubing that is bent in 3 dimensions. They all had to be in perfect lines so they don’t look broken. [There were] seven or eight different colors on the tubes alone, specific the colors.  I think The Durst Organization did something that gave their building an amenity that not many, if any buildings in Manhattan can say they have. It’s a 60′ x 60′ custom art piece that you can enjoy whenever you want.”

Engineering by Arup. Fabrication by Milgo Bufkin Industrial. Installation by American Signcrafters.


As excerpted from Stephen Glassman Studio,

“To develop the technologically complex Flows Two Ways sculpture, Stephen Glassman and his engineering, architecture, and design teams crafted a layered construction and anchoring system, effectively a panelized façade. Design considerations were made for optimal transportation, handling, and installation.

The layered eight-story, 32,000-pound jig-saw puzzle is composed of a stainless-steel mounting matrix embedded into the existing HELENA wall, 35 interlocking aluminum panels, nearly 400 sixty-foot pipe clusters rolled and flowing in three axes, and faceted metal “boulders.”

A sophisticated sliding plate system that largely floats the 16-ton piece off the building accommodates thermal expansion and forces generated by wind, rain, snow, and ice loads.”

Engineering by Arup. Fabrication by Milgo Bufkin Industrial. Installation by American Signcrafters.



Jeff Petersen Jr. discusses the J.W. Marriott Essex house project.


“This project was about taking down the old Essex House letters that have been up there since the 1930’s. It’s one of the oldest signs in the city and one of the only signs you can see from Central Park.

Our team in Islip fabricated the letters. The old letters used copper – which doesn’t weather very well – we made it out of was aluminum, which is light weight strong, doesn’t rust, and will last a life time.  The most challenging part of the project was to make sure the letters came down safely.

We take on the tough ones, jobs a lot of other guys don’t want to do. We’re one of the main companies to handle a job like this. I’m proud it went up flawlessly, a lot faster than expected and it all got done safely.  It’s a nice thing I can point out when I go to the city. I can say, ‘Hey, I put that up.'” — Jeff Petersen Jr.

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American Signcrafters fabricates and installs the Barclays Center green roof.


“The Barclays Center and Forest City Ratner decided to add a green roof, but putting that green roof up covered up the original sign. In order to put a new sign on we had to come up with a solution that didn’t harm the green roof.

To make the sign happen, we worked very closely with Landor Associates, the branding company for Barclays, who knew exactly what they wanted the sign to look like. We came up with the fabrication method and a perforated system to allow the roof to grow; because it is a living breathing thing and at the same time manage to keep the brand true.

The thing I’m most proud of with the installation was taking it from a very early stage, helping to develop it, keeping the stakeholders happy along the way, keeping the cost down, and getting it done by the deadline.

We did the entire project from the time it was released to fabrication to the time it was installed in under 60 days. Our clients trust us to give them a fair price, the time line they’re looking for and a top quality product.” — Tom Garatina.

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New York State organization spotlights American Signcrafters.


As a leading manufacturer on Long Island, American Signcrafters was recently profiled and interviewed by the Workforce Development Institute.

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American Signcrafters CEO Jeff Petersen

American Signcrafters CEO Jeff Petersen Profile


“Islip-based American Signcrafters has built and installed some of the highest-profile signs in the New York City skyline, including those atop the newly renamed Comcast Building at 30 Rockefeller Center and the Hotel Novotel in Times Square, while remaining almost invisible to the public.” – Newsday

“Among the companies that have turned to American Signcrafters for their signs is developer Forest City Ratner Companies, for Barclays Center in Brooklyn, where American Signcrafters installed all of the signs, inside and out.” – Newsday

“Earlier this month, American Signcrafters’ work was on display when two new Comcast signs debuted along with three NBC Peacock logos, replacing General Electric’s initials atop 30 Rockefeller Center.” – Newsday

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American Signcrafters and the Barclays Center

“From the beginning they came in with ideas. We had a very aggressive signage scope, it was highly designed and the goal of the interior and exterior signage was not to be ‘add-ons’ to the base architecture, but rather be fully integrated. ” – Forest City Ratner Companies

“Working with American Signcrafters were really integral in developing this faux weathering steel. The exterior is all about this weathering steel kind of picking up on the industrial feel of Brooklyn.  ” – SHoP Architects PC

“We wanted to connect with the people and connect with the architecture. They offered an opportunity to echo the materiality of the building and give really sharp text.” – Pentagram Design Inc.

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American Success Novotel

American Signcrafters on Fox Business News


Fox Business News American Success Story with Charles Payne profiles the success of American Signcrafters and chronicles our humble beginnings all the way to modern day projects in Times Square.

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American Signcrafters and The Tonight Show Marquee

American Signcrafters and The Tonight Show Marquee


Pharrell Williams performs atop The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon marquee.

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